“Fodor’s Travel Intelligence calls us best in class for Hiking and Camping.”


“Tick Tock Naturals smells like a spa in a bottle!”
<< Olivia Goodreau, Founder, LivLyme Foundation & TickTracker

“I am so grateful for these sprays. They look and smell and work amazingly against ticks – thank you, thank you, thank you! Your sprays are everywhere in Mustique and keep the mosquitoes from biting.”
<< Ally Hilfiger,  Author of “Bite Me”, Fashion Designer & Lyme Disease Advocate

“When our teenage daughter was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and Babesia, without ever seeing a tick or bullseye, I knew that we all needed to step up our tick bite prevention game! Thankfully we found an organic repellent that works amazingly—Tick Tock Naturals. Pennsylvania is number one for highest reports of Lyme Disease, I constantly tell people to go organic with their repellent. Harsh chemicals aren’t good for anyone, especially young people and those with compromised immune systems. Tick Tock Naturals not only smells good, but it’s good to use daily and prevents mosquito bites, too. I won’t travel outside my front door without it!!”
<< Carrie Perry, Executive Director Sam’s Spoons Foundation & Former National Ambassador, Project Lyme Foundation

“I owe you a big THANK YOU! My order came in time for me to take Tick Tock Naturals with me on my trip (14 days!) to the woods. I was grateful to have your products – they worked great.!”
<< Alisa Gravitz, President, Green America

“Whether on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu or hiking on the Appalachian Trail, I use Tick Tock Naturals to keep me safe from mosquitos and ticks.”
<< Jeff Bonaldi, Founder, The Explorer’s Passage

“Thank you so much!! I’m very excited to get the product to everyone. I was at an outdoor wedding last night with lots of Mosquitos and sprayed a couple friends. They’re buying some now too… It literally sells itself!!”
<< Jessica Beebe, Outdoor Photographer, HeroReward

“I am skeptical about almost all repellent products. They generally are greasy, smelly and ineffective. I heard about Tick Tock Naturals before my business trip to India. The last time I was there, about 2 years before, I was frequently buzzed and attacked by the very large and aggressive Indian mosquitoes. So, I gave Tick Tock Naturals a try. What a difference! Tick Tock goes on smoothly and with just one dab on each hand in the morning managed to protect me the entire week I was there. Unlike other products, Tick Tock is not greasy and, in fact, has a pleasant odor. Despite their aggression, the Indian mosquitoes sure stayed away from Tick Tock! I cannot recommend this product enough. It actually works. Maybe even enough to keep me off anti-malarials, and their nasty side effects, on future business trips.”
<< Kevin Murphy, Attorney, NYC

“I had taken a bottle of Tick Tock Naturals with me on a trip to Thailand and Malaysia. After the one and only night I forgot to apply, just being in the city, I ended up with forty bug bites up and down my calves and ankles! I was diligent about applying Tick Tock after that! I took it to the beach in Thailand, no bug bites to be had. The true test was while orangutan watching in the jungle of Borneo, and during the monsoon season nonetheless. I did not get one single bite. This stuff really works! From the rainforest to the concrete jungle, I would recommend this for everyone, everywhere!”
<< Tian S., Los Angeles

Thank you so much! I love the insect repellent and have been using them for a couple of years after my chiropractor gave me a bottle. The bugs who used to love me so much, now stay a safe distance away!
<< Maureen M., New York City