Our Story

Tick Tock Naturals® is an entirely new type of natural insect repellent using the laws of natural chemistry to increase the time of its effectiveness. Our formula is hydrophilic which means it is water-loving. This increases the bioactivity of the product from 1 hour to 4 hours per application. Say goodbye to pesky bugs and hello to long-lasting protection. This makes it the ultimate bug repellent that works against ticks, mosquitoes, and spiders.  Our concentrated formula goes above and beyond the competition, providing up to 4-5 hours of effective bug bite prevention. Whether you’re swimming, exercising, or exploring the great outdoors, our repellent has got you covered. Plus, we’re proud to be cruelty-free, PETA-certified, and eco-friendly, so you can feel good about using our product. With no synthetic chemicals, our biodegradable formula won’t harm fish or wildlife, making it perfect for any adventure. Our brand has been selected as the skin repellent as a part of a tick bite prevention kit in a groundbreaking partnership between the PGA Junior League and the American Junior Golf Association with Bay Area Lyme Foundation. BALF will be supplying small kits to all youth golfers along with educational materials about the hazards of tick-borne disease and the high incidence of ticks on the golf course. Tick Tock Naturals® has also been a favorite amongst tastemakers, jetsetters and adventurers and has been stocked in villas on Mustique Island for years.

The founder of Tick Tock Naturals® is Dr. Susan Eisen, a Functional Medicine Lyme literate specialist and contributing author for the Weil Integrative Medicine Library Series who is in private practice in Manhattan, New York. Dr. Eisen started the company after being bitten by a tick in the middle of winter and developing acute  neurological Lyme Disease. After diagnosis and treatment, she was left with a strong phobia of walking in the grass. (Who would imagine that you could be bitten by a tick when there was snow on the ground?)  With an education in biochemistry and molecular biology, Dr. Eisen developed a natural, effective formula based on organic essential oils. After a chance meeting with Ally Hilfiger, Dr. Eisen moved forward with her plan to launch this product. 

Dr. Eisen is a sitting board member of Sam’s Spoons Lyme Foundation started by the former national ambassador for Project Lyme, journalist Carrie Perry and is also a past member of the Benefit Committee for Global Lyme Alliance. Tick Tock Naturals® is recognized and affiliated by the top Lyme Foundations across the United States. In 2021, Tick Tock Naturals® was recognized by Health and Human Services as a leading and effective natural insect repellent.

A recent peer reviewed study published in October 2017 by leading medical researcher, Dr. Ying Zhang et al by Johns Hopkins University and Harvard Medical School on Selective Essential Oils has shown that the same essential oils used in Tick Tock Naturals® are the most effective in repelling ticks, mosquitoes, spiders and fleas.