8 oz Lemon Eucalyptus Organic Aromatherapy Candle


Introducing our captivating organic bug repelling candle for a longer and cleaner burn time. Made with a special Organic Coconut Wax Blend and a lead-free cotton wick, this candle is infused with the refreshing fragrance-free scents of Organic Lemon Eucalyptus, along with other enticing citrus organic essential oils.

Packaged in a reusable 8 oz Mason jar or a sleek glass container, it’s perfect for lazy days on the patio or in the home. Experience a clean and nontoxic burn that lasts for over 80 hours per candle, providing you with days of bug-free indoor and outdoor bliss.

For optimal use, burn the candle for 10 minutes at a time while you’re outside. Say goodbye to pesky bugs and enjoy the great outdoors with our amazing bug repellent candle.