Lyme Disease, Why The Stigma?

Here we sit just out of the fastest moving pandemic this modern world has ever seen. Suddenly, we have all become acutely aware of our immune systems because a healthy immune system can combat coronavirus, but an unhealthy compromised immune system can make one vulnerable to serious life-threatening complications. As the COVID-19 pandemic spread globally, we all experienced what it is like for someone with a compromised immune system to live on a day-to-day basis: the self-quarantine, the social distancing, the extensive sanitization and the extra immune boosting vitamins. Enter the secondary immune compromising illness of Lyme Disease, and the fear-based stigma that prevents diagnosis and you have makings of a major disaster. With around reported 500,000 cases yearly, there are more cases of Lyme disease than heart disease, breast cancer and HIV combined! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has labeled Lyme disease as the third most common infectious disease in the United States behind only food borne and respiratory infections. Yet there are tens of thousands more estimated undiagnosed cases nationwide, a product of the stigma carried with Lyme. With a pandemic now affecting deficient or compromised immune systems, the scale of COVID-19 is one of the worst things possible for those with Lyme and any of us who may unknowingly be affected with Lyme Disease.

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