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T I C K  T O C K  N A T U R A L S ™

T I C K  T O C K  
N A T U R A L S ™

Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent insect vector diseases whenever and wherever possible. This includes all diseases carried by ticks and mosquitoes.

The list grows longer each year with diseases like Lyme Disease, the new dangerous Powassan virus carried by Lyme ticks and the Lone Star tick which causing severe allergies to certain foods. Mosquitoes carry many diseases including West Nile fever, Dengue Fever, Chikungunya and Malaria. West Nile and Dengue fever have arrived into the USA. Some of these infections can co-inhabit in its human host simultaneously making it very difficult to cure.

Tick Tock Naturals acts as a first line of defense to prevent bug bites naturally at home and on vacation. We are also all about #greenliving and #sustainability with a respect for the place we call home.